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AFarCloud - DGK Software House

Cloutlayer is a platform concerned with helping you achieve your vision by managing your most important asset, people. We believe that when it comes to accomplishing your goals, managing people -in every sense- whether these people are your employees, customers, partners, fans or voters is of the upmost importance. Taking this into consideration we adapt and evolve our platform to help you maximize your potential. Our platform’s mission is to enable you to lay the foundations of quality relationships with your people by embracing the capabilities of modern marketing in a simple but sophisticated fashion.

Research and Development

We participate in the largest European research & innovation programmes.
We contribute by producing excellent software and know-how.

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AFarCloud - DGK Software House

AFarCloud will provide a distributed platform for autonomous farming that will allow the integration and cooperation of agriculture Cyber Physical Systems in real-time in order to increase efficiency, productivity, animal health, food quality and reduce farm labour costs. This platform will be integrated with farm management software and will support monitoring and decision-making solutions based on big data and real time data mining techniques. ams is involved with sensor hardware and firmware development.

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Productive4.0 - DGK Software House

With 109 partners involved, Productive4.0 is Europe’s biggest research project in the field of Digital Industry. As a brain pool the Framework takes a step further towards hands-on solutions. Means of electronics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) across the entire value chain are the key to enhanced production efficiency and significant gains. They will make production more predictable and flexible, change business models, and they will be the basis for more qualified employment.

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IMPAQT - DGK Software House

IMPAQT aims to develop and validate in-situ a multi-purpose, multi-sensing and multi-functional management platform for sustainable Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture production. The high-level ambition is to drive a paradigm shift in the European Industry and its acceptance of IMTA as a viable approach, by paving the way to both a more environmentally friendly and more efficient/higher yielding European Industry.

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An Event-based Microservice Platform for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems: the case of Smart Farming

Nowadays, we are realizing the Internet of Things capabilities as it has found many applications in the social and business life. Myriads of IoT devices have spread in everyday contexts supporting the collection and exchange of accurate, timely and complete information describing our products, cities, houses, farms, warehouses etc. The orchestration of the heterogeneous, connected IoT devices can support a variety of applications serving different business and everyday life purposes.

This paper proposes a generic event-based platform that supports a variety of IoT-enabled application scenarios. To achieve scalability and reusability, the microservice paradigm is adopted. The proposed platform's architecture handles and composes microservices as atomic, autonomous and ephemeral functional entities that each reflects a specific application-oriented functionality. They are independent of the technology and the IoT infrastructure in the application domain. An IoT tier handles all the events and communicates the states of the IoT devices with the support of an Events communication channel.

The functionality of the platform is demonstrated when supporting a smart farming case where the humidity of an IoT-enabled greenhouse is automatically controlled.

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An Event-based Microservice Platform for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems: the case of Smart Farming - Architecture Overview - DGK Software House
Architecture Overview